Café du Pays is a neighborhood bistro with a strong bar, focused on natural wine, classic-inspired cocktails, age-old European beer traditions, and informed service. Both the dinner and beverage menus are accessible, timeless, and well-executed. We use high-quality, thoughtfully sourced ingredients while bearing value in mind. Defined by ethical, sustainable, and seasonal sourcing, our fare is an expression of European classics executed in, and with ingredients sourced from, a New England locale and prepared with a third-generation Québécois pantry. Our service is professional, energetic, and casual.

Salvaged wood panels and a mahogany-lined parlor bar define the aesthetic at Café du Pays, which is inspired by the Victorian New England farmhouses of the 19th century. Beginning at 4pm, we serve light snacks, cocktails, wine, and the occasional punch bowl. Dinner service begins at 5pm with a more robust menu accessible to traditional diners, bar-oriented oenophiles, and film geeks grabbing a quick bite before a flick at the nearby cinema.

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